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Sweet Handmade Cookies

Hot Wheels Cookies for a 6th Birthday

Hot Wheels Cookies for a 6th Birthday

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This set highlighted the colours blue, green and orange, the birthday boy's favourites.  The set featured quite a number of decorating styles, tricks, tools, and techniques, including the edible printer, projector, wet-on-wet icing, royal icing transfers, roundhouse, edible markers
and my airbrush.

Do you know someone who is having a birthday and does this set inspires you?  Let's talk options.  Pricing starts at $144 for 24 cookies.  Availability must be confirmed before placing order.  Contact me via email or telephone to discuss design and availability. ~ 905-715-3214


In trying to be a good steward of this beautiful earth, my cookies are presented to you in compostable and recyclable packaging. Please remove the sticker and compost the glassine bags and recycle the sticker and brown paper bags.

Caring for your Cookies

Cookies are best kept at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Enjoy your cookies within a few days. To keep them longer, store in a cookie tin or freeze and allow to thaw in packaging.

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