Decorated Cookies ~ Small-Batch ~ Delicious

The Sweet Handmade Cookies Experience

Sweet Handmade Cookies are made with beautifully simple ingredients and a lot of love in a health board approved kitchen located in Bradford, Ontario.  In business since 2008, Sweet Handmade Cookies has been creating delicious and high-quality decorated cookies since 2011.  Precision, attention to detail, thoughtful design and environmentally responsible packaging are hallmarks of the business. As party favours and gifts to say thank you, congratulations, happy birthday and more, Sweet Handmade Cookies can help make your events fancier, yummier, sweeter, tastier and happier.

Sweet Handmade Cookies offers custom decorated cookies, decorating sets, seasonal specials and gourmet cookies. Often booked weeks in advance, don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your needs and desires. Pre-order is always required. Bradford, Ontario address is pick up location only.

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