The Cookie Kitchen

After clearing a lot of hurdles, in late 2010, construction began in my home to convert an office into a dedicated business kitchen.  Upon completion, my kitchen was properly zoned with the town I live in, insured and most importantly, health board approved!  My kitchen gets regularly inspected by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.  My Food Safety Training Certificate is also up-to-date.  Enjoy this tour of the Sweet Handmade Cookies kitchen.

This bright space is a joy to work in and when I arrive in my dedicated kitchen each morning, I am filled with happiness.  My trusty Kitchenaid mixer is the work-horse of this kitchen, mixing up batch after batch of cookie dough and icing.  On the far side of the stove is my dry ingredient station.    

My most used utensils are within easy reach, measuring spoons hanging from hooks, spatulas and cookie scoops in utensil holders and all other necessary tools in the drawers below.  Double sinks for washing up and a handwashing sink make this side of the kitchen very functional.

The island is a great space for rolling out dough, packaging and it is where I sit to ice and decorate cookies.  The rolling rack that holds 40 half sheet pans gives me the capacity to handle hundreds of cookies at a time. 

In addition to this being my work space, it also holds a lot of special items and memories.  My mother lived with our family for many years and when she moved into assisted living, she left all her kitchen things behind for me.  So now when I scoop something with a spoon of my childhood or cut butter with the last remaining melamine-handled knife we brought with us from the Netherlands, it warms my heart and I know my mom would be so happy that her things continue to be used.  You can see some of the trinkets that have found a home in my cookie kitchen on the window ledge.  I think this love and happiness comes through in my baking and I am so thankful I get to spend time in here making delicious cookies for you.