About Me

Since I was just a young girl, I have always loved being in the kitchen.  It soon became clear that pastry was my passion.  I used to dream about returning to the country of my birth, the Netherlands, to become a pastry chef, but soon life got in the way.  After "retiring" from my career in the software development field to raise my two daughters, I continued to bake as a hobby, for everyone and every occasion.  To justify the money I was spending baking for everyone, I started a business that had me baking everything from wedding cakes to custom decorated cookies.  In 2018, I took a hiatus and closed my kitchen.  COVID-19's quarantine period helped me realize how much I missed baking and I decided to open a virtual bakery and sell simpler treats.  You can now find gourmet drop cookies and simple sugar cookies iced in royal icing (reminiscent of the decorated cookies I was most famous for) available in my shop.  I hope to make your next event sweeter.