Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose Sweet Handmade Cookies?

My delicious, high-quality decorated cookies make a great consumable gift, they are a source of interest and conversation at any event and best of all, they can be customized!  

What sets Sweet Handmade Cookies apart?

In trying to be a good steward of this beautiful earth, in 2020 I made the move to compostable and recyclable packaging.  My cookies are packaged in compostable glassine bags closed with a recyclable sticker and the orders come in recyclable brown paper bags.  Additionally, my kitchen is powered by Bullfrog Power, a green energy provider (wind and solar).  I believe in buying and supporting local whenever I can.  Don't forget, my kitchen is health board inspected and approved.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order for decorated cookies is two dozen (24), and my pricing starts at $120 for two dozen ($126 for customized).  No minimum numbers after two dozen.  Seasonal designs often come in smaller quantities.  Gourmet cookies have a one dozen (12) cookie minimum.

How do I order custom cookies?

For unique to you cookies, contact me via email ( or the good old-fashioned telephone (905-715-3214).  I am happy to discuss what you need, my availability and how to secure your order.

I need inspiration, what do I do?

You can be inspired by previous sets I have done, I have posted some of my favourites in the "Custom Decorated" tab.  Maybe you are inspired by something you've seen online, send me a picture and let's see what we can design.

How do I pay you?

If you are ordering a set offered on my website, you pay when you order.  If you are in contact with me regarding a custom set, we will discuss payment options.

What flavours do you offer?

My decorated cookies are vanilla bean sugar cookies with a delicious royal icing. There are a variety of gourmet cookies available as well, these are not decorated.

When will my cookies be ready?

Gourmet cookies can be picked up as early as 72 hours after placing your order, any day of the week.  Decorated cookies require a much longer lead time and this will be discussed when you order.

Can you provide allergy information?

My decorated cookies do not contain nuts, but my facility is not nut free.  Please be aware that all my cookies contain dairy, eggs, soy, gluten and may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

How does pick up work?

I will reach out via email and arrange the exact pick up date and time after you order.  The pick up location is in Bradford, Ontario and is contactless for everyone's safety.  All the details will be in the email.